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8 Jul

Today is Foto Friday and I usually post photos but I’m so excited about some other things I had to skip Foto Friday for something more important. I had to let all of my friends know……


Such exciting news and I don’t even know what to do with myself! So no more small (but nice) apartment, no more needing room, a bigger kitchen, WE’VE GOT A HOUSE!!!!

So here is the deal, we are getting a few renovations done like the kitchen and the bathroom, painting some of the rooms and changing out fixtures. We are getting ready to to Wilmington, NC for my sister’s wedding, therefore some of the work will be put on hold… BUT that won’t stop the renovations and getting the house ready. 

We will probably move in at the end of July and get everything together….. I’m so excited Cant you tell!!!! Ill keep you posted on all the new updates and everything…..

But until then, look at the new house!

Until Next Time, Much Love

Mrs. SPJ 🙂 

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