2 Jul

At least the mountain was… I swear I went all the way to the top of Pinnacle Mountain before and though it was a struggle it was a bit easier to get up because it was really cool outside. YESTERDAY on the other hand, we went at 12:30 in the afternoon with about 90 kids, and did I mention it was 100 degrees outside. I drank 2 bottles of water before I went and had water on deck. So my Team and I were ready to go!

Team Fiya (Fire)

                                                  TEAM FIYA 

Ashten and I were pumped. The kids were pumped. Even though we lost soe of our team members to another team. So we head up the mountain. Immediately I could feel the heat attacking me. The kids had already started passing me and I said to the, I’m goin slow.. The higher we got, the more I felt the heat and I felt dizzy, and I knew that something wasn’t good…. Pretty soon I couldn’t see my group anymore, nor my Ashten, and I knew there was no going up that mountain… The heat was winning this battle, and eventually I let it win.  Once I got past marker 3, and I passed the EMTS, I knew I couldn’t make it… I even heard one of the EMT yell out to me, “YOU ALRIGHT” Which meant I was starting not to look good. I yelled out I was fine, just a lil hot. So then I turned and that is when I saw my little friend Samaje. A first grader sitting with one other girl and a teacher. He was getting Hot and no longer wanted to be up there. PERFECT! Ill be glad to take em down.

So I told him to get in front of me, just so I could make sure he wouldn’t fall, and he started leaving me. At one point I was worried he was moving too fast, and I kept making him slow down to drink water (and so I wouldn’t be too far behind).
He’s a lil cutie though. And I told him I would take a picture to say at least he made it to the mountain.Lil Trooper He seemed a bit happy but I could tell the heat was getting to him. 

Anywho, we spend the rest of the day with cooking out, play ground fun, water fun, and relaxing. Despite the agonizing headache I had, I enjoyed being around the lil kiddies and know that I am to never go up that mountain when the heat is as crazy as it was. My hubby was convinced it was due to my lack of drinking water, but what does he know? 

Anyways, we left pretty late because we were missing a group. I’m not going to lie, I started to get a lil worried when we couldn’t find em, or track em on the walkie talkies. However, they did make it back, THANKFULLY!!! We left and got in for the van ride of our life. Lots of bumps, lots of twists and turns, let’s just say it was quite a roller coaster ride!!!! Just glad that I got to rest last night….

Hot & Nasty

So I don’t feel like the mountain over came me, but the heat surely did. 

Mountain = 0, Heat= 1, SPJ = 1

Until Next Time, Much Love!

Mrs. SPJ 🙂 

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