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21 Jun

Stop the Hate

19 Jun

So interesting Fact about me.

This morning I decided to hit up the DVR and check out some episodes I recorded in the past.I came across this one episode, “I am the Night”, Color Me Black”.

According to wikipedia, This episode is about a man named Jagger who is going to be hanged after wrongfully convicted of killing a bigot in self defense. On the day of his execution, the sun does not rise in the morning. There is also still some dispute as to whether or not Jagger is guilty. However, Jagger is hanged anyway, much to the delight of the town. The sky becomes darker in the town, and later, a radio broadcast reveals the town is not the only place this disturbance has been seen in. The sky has turned dark in North Vietnam, a section of the Berlin Wall, Chicago, a street in Dallas, Birmingham, Alabama, and other places of hate around the world.

Watch it for yourself:

My favorite scene in this is right after he is hanged and the Reverend addresses the towns people.

Sherriff: You’ve really seen the light Rev.
Town Reverend: Have you? Have any of you? In all this darkness, is there anybody who can make out the truth? He hated. and he killed. and now he dies. And you hated, and you killed, and now there’s not one of you, not one of you who isn’t doomed. Do you know why it’s dark? Do you know why there is night all around us? Do you know what the BLACKNESS IS? It’s the hate he felt, It’s the hate you felt, the hate all of us feel and there’s too much of it, it’s just too much. And so we had to vomit it out. And now it’s coming up all around us and choking us. So much hate, so much miserable hate,

Citizen: Look, it’s getting even darker, I can’t hardly see anything now….

I thought, isn’t that what hateness does to us? It makes everything around us dark, it makes our insides turn dark, and no one can even see the light. I always loved how the writers of the Twilight Zone really took a look at our true selves and problems with our society today. I love how Rod Sterling ends the episode with that sultry voice of his and the words:

A sickness known as hate, not a virus, not a micro, not a germ, but a sickness none the less. Highly contagious, deadly and it’s affects. Don’t look for it in the Twilight Zone, Look for it in the mirror, look for it before the light goes out altogether.

So be careful. Don’t let hate take over your life. Don’t let hate destroy your insides. Don’t let hate keep you from your maker, or from yourself. Love is what will set us all free, and especially love to those who don’t even deserve it. You see because when you hate someone or hate something, it doesn’t hurt the thing or person you hate, it only hurts you. Stop the hate!

Until Next Time, Much Love, Mrs. SPJ 🙂

Foto Friday

18 Jun

I ♥ taking pictures!

It is a TRUE LOVE of mine.

I thought on this lovely Friday I’d show you some of my favorite photos I’ve taken recently!

(See you learn something new about me everyday!)

My coworkers beautiful daughter, Lucia. She’s such a doll! I tell you I could take pictures of her all day!

Gotta love a Slinki!

Beautiful Eyes… But wait there is more….

Told ya!

Then there is the beautiful Sidney…Love her personality. Can’t wait until I can spend more time with her and take more pictures…

Then there is this one. My all time favorite. Two wonderful little people thinking about going in but undecided and they share a moment. I Love this and everything this picture makes me think of… Good Stuff!

Until Next Foto FRiday, LOVE YA!

Mrs. SPJ:)


17 Jun

As you can tell from reading my blog, I am currently in the process of trying to lose weight. If anything, I just want to be healthy, but losing a few pounds wouldn’t hurt either! Well part of losing weight besides changing my eating habits, is to start working out more.

Well I’m not going to lie, I had a lil system going. Treadmill, weights. Treadmill, weights. So afterawhile, it got a lil boring… Although I admit, I was enjoying it due to the TVS built into the Treadmills but I realize I needed to do more. I needed to take it up a notch. So me and the “spark chics”, thats what I like to call those ladies I workout with, decided it was time to do something different. So we uncorporated some classes. Well today we tried a new class, and let me tell you, Tiff and I went and we didn’t work out, that class WORKED US OUT! I mean we thought Cardio Mix, a lil bit of jogging, maybe some jumping jacks, but NEVER what it was! I mean, it was like doing Shaun T’s Insanity Live in person! (Although the guy leading it looks nothing like Shaun T, Jus sayin!) But he definitely gave us a work out. I was in that class wishing:

1. I didn’t start it.
2. It was 6:20 already
3. I didn’t feel as out of shape as I did!

However, we made it through with EVERY bone in my body aching and muscles, and every fiber and just WELL EVERYTHING! However, I realized it is the kind of out of the blue workout I need each week so here is the new workout plan:

Mon and Fri- Treadmill/Jogging Combos
Tues- Step
Wed- Bootcamp

Sounds like a plan to me… It seems as if Thursday is going to be the new Love to hate thing…. But then love it as well!

We shall see!

Anywho, the workout continues and Ill leave you with some eye candy that is known for working others out! The one and only Shaun T!
Mrs. SPJ 🙂

Weight on Wednesday Post 5

16 Jun

Come on fat Let’s go!

So while technically I lost 5 pounds last week during my clean eating fiasco, I really lost 2 pounds with my weight loss group and then 1.5 this week! I’m so happy that it’s starting to come off but I know it’s not going to be easy. I started incorporating some fun classes with friends including Step and Boot Camp. Tomorrow I plan on trying a Cardio Mix class! I don’t even know what to expect, but we shall see!!!!

My goal for next week is to lose 1 pound! WHOO! That’s tough for me… We shall see!!! I’m going to work hard to make it happen!!!!!!

Pray that I can!

Until Next Time, Mrs. Spj:)

Important Lil People

14 Jun

Lil People.. I love em! When the world is going crazy and swirling around they make you laugh, they make you cry, and most importantly, they make you feel loved. Ashten over at It’s Always Something inspired me, So I want to talk to you about the important lil people in my life.


The day she was born my life changed. It was weird. It was like here my best friend from 6th grade was having a baby. And it’s a girl…… Well when she came into this world, I never imagined we’d be so close. I knew we’d be close, but I never knew we’d be close as we are today. She spent many nights and weekends sleep in my bed, her lil body trying to take over the bed, calling me titi…. I just love that lil girl who is now 2 and just so full of life!I Can’t imagine what it feels like to have your own child because I tell you, I didn’t think it was impossible to feel for a child as I do Taylor and Jeremiah (you’ll meet em later..)

She’s Got a lil pep in her step!!! (Notice the matching shoes!)

My big girl at one of her dancing sleepovers. YEP! She takes dance!

I have always loved this photo and have it on my desk at work!

She is very special to my husband and I and I thank God for her! I can’t wait to watch her grow up and my husband said he will be calling her “Fat Face” for the rest of her life!We Love our Goddaughter!


My Firstborn. At least that’s how I like to think of him. He was born right before I went off to Graduate School. He was my very first Godchild, and he’s very special to me. His mom, my best friend since we were very young in church, had him and he was such a big baby! We weren’t as close when he was young because I was in Graduate School, but I would see him any chance that I got.

He was your typical boy who always would want to run, shoot with his little fingers, or captivate you in his spiderman web! I remember one time where he took some lipstick of mine and used it as a magic marker to carefully start painting his face! It was hilarious!
I was so honored to have him be the ring bearer in my wedding. Despite the fact, when he first met my husband J, he eye balled him and kept looking at him like who are you and why are you with “MY TITI Step”. He is very quick to tell you that I am his TITI, I belong to him, and no one else. I’ve even heard him tell another child before this is MY Titi Not yours. HA HA!! I am so glad him and J have developed a relationship and that they get along. I have watched this little boy grow up to be so darling and cute! He’s very special to me and I think he is growing up to be a handsome young man! Boy if only his father knew what he was missing out on with this amazing little boy! Jermaine and I are more than happy to have him in our life!!

My TWO J’s 🙂

Jeremiah and I at my Bridal Shower

My Big Boy is getting so tall!

Taylor and Jeremiah drawing together. LOVE THIS PHOTO!

Overall, I love my Godchildren and feel blessed to have them in my life……

Thank you besties for these beautiful babies!

These aren’t the only Important Lil People in my life though. I will tell you about the rest sometime throughout my blog journey! Enjoy!
Until Next Time, Much Love

Mrs. SPJ 🙂

Sunday Mornin Praise

12 Jun

So it all started with casual searching on the internet this Sunday morning. I heard Bobbie Jones say we are going to have someone sing from awhile ago. This guy started singing, I was glued to my laptop chatting, facebooking, surfing, listening but the voice on the screen kept crowding my thoughts and when I turned, I was SHOCKED at who was singing! I don’t think I was shocked because of his race, but I just didn’t expect such a powerful ANOINTED voice to come out of that body! Ok, so maybe I was a lil shocked about his race, I expected some old african american man, but I was wrong! I think it just proves that God will use anyone to get his message out! Anywho, he was singing a song with beautiful lyrics,

“For so long I was silent. Far so long I did not have a song of praise.
Depression filled my days and clouds blocked my ways.
but there was a voice speaking to me awaking the passion
so quiet in me, in me, so still in me.
I choose to worship.
I just can’t give up.
I choose to worship.
My mind is made up”

I almost dropped my laptop and found myself just lifting my hands to this song because it is so beautiful. After the song was over, of course I youtubed it and found out that his name was Wess Morgan, he has been out for awhile, but a lot of people do not understand his background. Wess Morgan grew up in a nice home where both of his parents were pastors and he use to travel with them. Around the age of 10, he drifted from his family and began using drugs and abusing alcohol. This abuse led him to jail sentences and time spent in recovery centers. His family just prayed and never gave up hope, and look at him today! Blessing people all over the world! Isn’t God awesome? That just makes me want to praise him more!!! Here he is, singing that powerful song, “I Choose to Worship”

Time to get your praise on!

I Choose to Worship This Morning.I Choose to Thank God This Morning. You should to.
No matter what you are going through, or who is upsetting you, or what problems you may have going on in your life, don’t choose to let it bring you down, that’s what the devil wants you to do. Choose to Worship. That’s the best way to get through a storm.

Until NextTime, Much Love
Mrs. SPJ 🙂

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