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Foto Friday

18 Jun

I ♥ taking pictures!

It is a TRUE LOVE of mine.

I thought on this lovely Friday I’d show you some of my favorite photos I’ve taken recently!

(See you learn something new about me everyday!)

My coworkers beautiful daughter, Lucia. She’s such a doll! I tell you I could take pictures of her all day!

Gotta love a Slinki!

Beautiful Eyes… But wait there is more….

Told ya!

Then there is the beautiful Sidney…Love her personality. Can’t wait until I can spend more time with her and take more pictures…

Then there is this one. My all time favorite. Two wonderful little people thinking about going in but undecided and they share a moment. I Love this and everything this picture makes me think of… Good Stuff!

Until Next Foto FRiday, LOVE YA!

Mrs. SPJ:)

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