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Important Lil People

14 Jun

Lil People.. I love em! When the world is going crazy and swirling around they make you laugh, they make you cry, and most importantly, they make you feel loved. Ashten over at It’s Always Something inspired me, So I want to talk to you about the important lil people in my life.


The day she was born my life changed. It was weird. It was like here my best friend from 6th grade was having a baby. And it’s a girl…… Well when she came into this world, I never imagined we’d be so close. I knew we’d be close, but I never knew we’d be close as we are today. She spent many nights and weekends sleep in my bed, her lil body trying to take over the bed, calling me titi…. I just love that lil girl who is now 2 and just so full of life!I Can’t imagine what it feels like to have your own child because I tell you, I didn’t think it was impossible to feel for a child as I do Taylor and Jeremiah (you’ll meet em later..)

She’s Got a lil pep in her step!!! (Notice the matching shoes!)

My big girl at one of her dancing sleepovers. YEP! She takes dance!

I have always loved this photo and have it on my desk at work!

She is very special to my husband and I and I thank God for her! I can’t wait to watch her grow up and my husband said he will be calling her “Fat Face” for the rest of her life!We Love our Goddaughter!


My Firstborn. At least that’s how I like to think of him. He was born right before I went off to Graduate School. He was my very first Godchild, and he’s very special to me. His mom, my best friend since we were very young in church, had him and he was such a big baby! We weren’t as close when he was young because I was in Graduate School, but I would see him any chance that I got.

He was your typical boy who always would want to run, shoot with his little fingers, or captivate you in his spiderman web! I remember one time where he took some lipstick of mine and used it as a magic marker to carefully start painting his face! It was hilarious!
I was so honored to have him be the ring bearer in my wedding. Despite the fact, when he first met my husband J, he eye balled him and kept looking at him like who are you and why are you with “MY TITI Step”. He is very quick to tell you that I am his TITI, I belong to him, and no one else. I’ve even heard him tell another child before this is MY Titi Not yours. HA HA!! I am so glad him and J have developed a relationship and that they get along. I have watched this little boy grow up to be so darling and cute! He’s very special to me and I think he is growing up to be a handsome young man! Boy if only his father knew what he was missing out on with this amazing little boy! Jermaine and I are more than happy to have him in our life!!

My TWO J’s 🙂

Jeremiah and I at my Bridal Shower

My Big Boy is getting so tall!

Taylor and Jeremiah drawing together. LOVE THIS PHOTO!

Overall, I love my Godchildren and feel blessed to have them in my life……

Thank you besties for these beautiful babies!

These aren’t the only Important Lil People in my life though. I will tell you about the rest sometime throughout my blog journey! Enjoy!
Until Next Time, Much Love

Mrs. SPJ 🙂

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