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Sunday Mornin Praise

12 Jun

So it all started with casual searching on the internet this Sunday morning. I heard Bobbie Jones say we are going to have someone sing from awhile ago. This guy started singing, I was glued to my laptop chatting, facebooking, surfing, listening but the voice on the screen kept crowding my thoughts and when I turned, I was SHOCKED at who was singing! I don’t think I was shocked because of his race, but I just didn’t expect such a powerful ANOINTED voice to come out of that body! Ok, so maybe I was a lil shocked about his race, I expected some old african american man, but I was wrong! I think it just proves that God will use anyone to get his message out! Anywho, he was singing a song with beautiful lyrics,

“For so long I was silent. Far so long I did not have a song of praise.
Depression filled my days and clouds blocked my ways.
but there was a voice speaking to me awaking the passion
so quiet in me, in me, so still in me.
I choose to worship.
I just can’t give up.
I choose to worship.
My mind is made up”

I almost dropped my laptop and found myself just lifting my hands to this song because it is so beautiful. After the song was over, of course I youtubed it and found out that his name was Wess Morgan, he has been out for awhile, but a lot of people do not understand his background. Wess Morgan grew up in a nice home where both of his parents were pastors and he use to travel with them. Around the age of 10, he drifted from his family and began using drugs and abusing alcohol. This abuse led him to jail sentences and time spent in recovery centers. His family just prayed and never gave up hope, and look at him today! Blessing people all over the world! Isn’t God awesome? That just makes me want to praise him more!!! Here he is, singing that powerful song, “I Choose to Worship”

Time to get your praise on!

I Choose to Worship This Morning.I Choose to Thank God This Morning. You should to.
No matter what you are going through, or who is upsetting you, or what problems you may have going on in your life, don’t choose to let it bring you down, that’s what the devil wants you to do. Choose to Worship. That’s the best way to get through a storm.

Until NextTime, Much Love
Mrs. SPJ 🙂

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