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Me Time…….

9 Jun

I am writing this blog as 8 sit comfortably under this dryer that feels so good on my scalp (but hot against my neck, due to the towel around my neck, lol). Its like it feels good yet its hot at the same time! I started to cancel my appointment, because of course I feel as if there are 165687 things to do. I need to spend time with my hubby, work on a presentation for work tomorrow, clean a lil, do some planning for my sister’s (the one God gave me) Bridal Shower, and so on and so on. I just have things I need to do other than my hair!

However, a thought came to me.

As I sit in this chair, I realize I made a choice for me. I decided that I’ve been working super hard, Ive been super busy, and sitting in this chair with my hair wrapped to my scalp, I realize that its times like these that are so important! We spend so much of our time catering to our jobs, our husbands, kids if u have em, and even friends! We allow so much to have priority over our lives, but have we stopped once to think about the time we deserve to ourselves? The pampering we deserve, the time and relaxation we deserve without our husbands asking us what receipt this is from, our kids screamin, “mommy, daddy”, our friends asking us to hang out one more night and listen to their life stories, and without our bosses asking us to turn in some report. ITS TIME for some ME TIME!

So I challenge you today. Go out and get a mani/pedi, workout, go get your hair done, do something! Everyday make a lil time for yourself, and on ocassions go all out! You are wonderful, perfectly made in God’s eyes so why not celebrate you!

Now go have some me time.

Until next time, much love,

Mrs. SPJ 🙂

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