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The start of a clean week.

7 Jun

Literally…. For the past few weeks I’ve just been feeling really sluggish.. Tired, Cold, and Sluggish. I feel like I weight 23409240594 pounds and I feel like I’m swollen. I’ve just been a lil busy body, all over the place, and realized I needed a time to detox and cleanse my body. So I started a cleanse on Monday.

So far, so good. No scary things in the toilet (sorry, but we all know that some detox stories can be very scary, hence Elvis 10 pounds of feces in his body when he died!)My hands don’t feel as swollen, but my head does feel a little weird. It is probably due to the lack of caffeine. My cleanse revolves no serious fast food (you know cheeseburger, fries, fried onions, etc… In fact nothing fried is allowed. I’m also attempting to incorporate fruit and veggies more into my lifestyle, and just overall eat better. This whole process involves a lot of whole grains, hardly any pasta, or comfort food. I feel fine, I just feel a lil dizzy like something is missing, which is a sign to me, that I should have probably done this

Today I had a Salad for lunch and some soup. It was pretty cool despite the fact it is so hot! Im feeling as if this sun is going to eat me up and spit me out! The heat has me feeling very sleepy and exhausted…However, I know in the end, that this is just how the weather is going to be, and combined with clean eating.. I will be okay…

Just wanted to check in with you guys. Feelin a bit dizzy as I write this.. I need some caffeine but clean eating requires me cutting that out too for now. Ill keep you posted with my results!

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