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The Texas Giant almost killed me…

31 May

Yes, it’s true. It almost did. Well first off, the Texas HEAT almost killed me. I always thought I wanted to live in Texas! You know everything is pretty big there, it’s got a nice country feel, but after spending the weekend there with the hubby, I’m convinced that Texas is just not for me!!!!! I mean for one, the heat captivated me, knocked me over, and almost left me for dead.
But I made it through!

My husband has been wanting to catch up with his best friends since we got married back in September and they kept saying they were going to plan for memorial weekend. I was completely fine with this, even though we’d have to drive a few hours to get there. My husband’s friends are pretty awesome, so I thought, “Hey why not”?

Well when we got there, they were hanging out, you know, doing whatever it is that guys do when they get together, talking about cars, and video games, and updating each other on life but throwing jabs at one another at the same time. They are all pretty awesome guys (especially my hubby in the orange shirt :), but for me, I was feeling the missing girl power in the room.. Well we left to go to Six Flags, and I told my husband, yeah I’ve gotten on roller coaster rides before, I’ve been on several rides, I will be okay. So we decided to start with the Texas Giant. Apparently it is the oldest and most popular ride there but it has been revamped and it’s made out of wood (i know a bit scary) but it looked pretty cool. I wasn’t really feeling the fact that there was a straight nose dive dip on the first part and I was a bit nervous about that but overall, I thought I got this…

BOY WAS I WRONG! I WAS ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED! Once We Hit that dip, my heart was racing, my head was spinning, I felt as if I was going to come out of the roller coaster, meanwhile my husband and friends are laughing having a good ol time. It was super fast, and very frightening for me. Once the ride was coming to an end, my husband said, are you ok? I simply quietly said I’m fine. I WAS SO GLAD IT WAS OVER! That ride was the worst however many seconds it was of my LIFE! I was literally shaking!!!!! I almost had tears in my eyes it was so scary! After that one, I was fine, and got on all the rides like the big boys but was still shaken by the first one. I realized that straight down dives do not work for me…

All in all, it was a great way to spend the Saturday, although the heat was morbid. There were women out there burnt to a crisp, and I had lathered up in 50 SPF Sun block so I didn’t get too much of a tan. My hubby got a little cute redness to em… The heat was morbid. It was so hot, it felt like you were being burnt by the sun and that it was just simply taking your every breath! However, God is good and I made it through.. Ill go back again, but I WILL NOT get on the Texas Giant, EVER again. That’s for sure 🙂

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