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Judgement Day?

22 May

Thanking God for another day since apparently yesterday was doom’s day according to Harold Camping. He was predicting that the end of the world was yesterday and that the rapture was coming and people needed to get their life in order by giving their life over to Christ.

Hence, it’s the next day and I PRAISE GOD for allowing me to see it. Not some, old man, who thinks he knows numbers.. I mean really he was so certain yesterday was the end of the world. I wonder if anyone ever truly bought it?

All I have to say is, that everything is in God’s timing, and when he says it’s time, then that’s when it’s time. I’m quite sure he isn’t necessarily going to let anyone know who is going to spend a billion on false advertisements being a false prophet (harry camping). Someone said in the news this morning, he is giving people a bad idea about Christians and I completely agree…

God is love, and he just wants to share that love, not to scare the world out of their mind…. But people do need to get themselves in order! We really don’t know the day nor hour, all we do know is that he’s coming back and how awesome that will be!

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