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Weight On Wednesdays Post 2

18 May


Why can’t you just tell me what I want to hear?

“Today Beautiful, you weigh 130 pounds.”

“Oh Really?”

“Yes, you’ve lost 20 plus pounds this week”!

“Why how awesome!”

BLA! IN MY DREAMS! So that’s how this Weight On Wednesday post starts. I didn’t lose any weight this past week. But on a positive note, I didn’t gain any either. I took my measurements and I had lost some inches! But everyone knows, that in the back of our minds it’s hard to celebrate measurements when the scale won’t budge.

But it’s practically my fault. I mean last week was filled with chinese, fried chicken, and pasta. So I can’t blame anyone but myself. In fact, I even cut back a lil so I’m really happy that the scale didn’t budge the other way…

Ill keep you posted on my weight progress. Right now, I don’t have much to report!!!!

Until Next Time, Mrs. SPJ 🙂

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