Seeing God

17 May

So one of my favorite blogs to read is SEEK GOD WITH ME.She offers these really coop tips and devotionals.

Laura Domino is pretty amazing at getting us to see God in the most rare or quiet places we overlook. Funny thing is, in church Sunday, there was this tiny baby. She was beautiful, and sound to sleep in church. I watched her little mouth move as she wayned. She was sleeping peacefully as Church Worship was going on all around her. Then she opened her eyes. Beautiful eyes she had! She just stared at me as if she was amazed by me. When i moved, her eyes followed me, it was as if she was in a trance. I felt as if she truly saw me. I looked at her tiny hand movements, her eye movements, the peaceful way she was laying, and I thought, How could there not be a GOD? I see God in this baby. Only our creator could make this precious gift. Then Laura sends Tip number 7 this week on How to see God:

Can you see God when you look at a baby’s bubbly smile?

God presents Himself to us in the things we see and experience. I
can see God’s wisdom in His creation. He gave babies a smile that
generates smiles from everyone around. If a baby cries in public,
complete strangers want to help bring back the smile.

When you look into a baby’s sweet sleepy face, can you see that God
has given us a picture of how we can rest in His arms? True rest,
without a care in the world.

Babies are without language and yet can communicate their needs
well. Crying is one kind of communication, and happy squeaks are
another. When we cry out to God, He understands us without our
using words.

A rattle wristband can entertain a baby for an entire shopping
trip. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make them happy. Other
times, well, it takes everything you’ve got. I can see God’s hand
in that. God gave us all a little creativity and expects us to use
it. He’s given us gifts and talents and wants us to develop them to
their full potential.

Babies are helpless creatures. They need us for their very
survival. Even if they get adequate nutrition and shelter, they
still need hugs. They need human contact. They need to belong. I
can see that God created us for Him and for each other.

I see God when I look at babies. I see His care for me. I see His
protection during my rest. I see His nod of understanding when I
know I’m not making sense. I see God-given opportunities to think
and grow. I see His comfort.

When I look at babies, I see God’s remorseless affection for me. He
holds me because He needs affection too.

The next time you see a baby, look for God’s unrelenting love.

In love and unity,

Laura is pretty awesome. You should check out her blog. But more importantly, look for God in the small things, Like a baby 🙂


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