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3 May

At least this story makes me feel this way.

Alfred,31, (picture to your right), was partying at a bar and hanging out with some friends when his hand movements caught the eye of gang banger Barbara Lee. Barbara Lee started throwing gang member signs back then Alfred and his friends motioned for her to leave them alone. She left the bar and returned with two members of her crew that began stabbing Alfred and his friends. Why you may ask? Because Barabara Lee and her gang, mistakened Alfred’s Hand movements, as gang signs, when he was just simply signing. Alfred is Deaf.

There is so much wrong with this picture. So much. I mean really? Why are people even still participating in gangs? For the chance to belong? To feel of some improtance? Hasn’t it gone too far? What is with this organized crime non sense? Why can’t we all just get along, or at least love each other? I’m so tired of this gang mess. Too many lives have been loss in this nonsense and I wish it would just end. Thankfully these men survived, but who will be next? We really have to educate our youth and pray for those who feel as if a gang is necessary… I mean there are other groups to join, gangs don’t have to be the answer because gangs hurt… That’s all I’m sayin…..

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