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Food Find Number 1

2 May

So although I have started over with this weight loss thing, I LOVE to find great food. So I thought why don’t I start sharing it with you?

So we went to “The House”.

It’s a really cute little place. When we walked in, we noticed that it was set up typically like a house with beautiful hues of blue and green. It just felt really comfy. We decided to take some upstairs seating where we noticed that bikes were on the rafts by our table (REally cool). There was low light, and local art work, but it was a really nice little set up. So since this was our first time going, we decided why not try an appetizer.. So we went with “The Heart of Palm Tree Dip”. All I have to say is this has to be THE MOST delicious dips I have EVER, yes I said it, EVER had in my life! It is described as “Fresh Spinach, Sharp Cheddar, Fontina, and Neufchatel with Baby Hearts of Palm-Oven Baked and served with Baked Pita Chips” It was DELICIOUS!!! There is no better way of describing it. Thick, but with great consistency and very filling. I could have just eaten Dip and nothing else. Although I was very satisfied with my entree as well. A Turkey Burger so I could be a bit more healthier but it didn’t forgo the taste. It was juicy and a great burger. My husband was in love with his Po- Boy that came with Curry Ketchup (he fell head over heels for). He said the sweet potato fries had a very subtle taste, but combined with the Curry Ketchup was a huge success. This is very shocking since my husband really isn’t too keen with ketchup. So I will Definitely be going there again! Even if it’s just to devour the dip!

The House is located in the Hillcrest area:
722 North Palm Street, Little Rock, Ar

Check out the other delicious items they have to offer:

Brunch Menu
Dinner Menu

They also have drinks, but you know that’s really not my thing anywho…. But here ya go:

Would I recommend this place? Totally!

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