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The Texas Giant almost killed me…

31 May

Yes, it’s true. It almost did. Well first off, the Texas HEAT almost killed me. I always thought I wanted to live in Texas! You know everything is pretty big there, it’s got a nice country feel, but after spending the weekend there with the hubby, I’m convinced that Texas is just not for me!!!!! I mean for one, the heat captivated me, knocked me over, and almost left me for dead.
But I made it through!

My husband has been wanting to catch up with his best friends since we got married back in September and they kept saying they were going to plan for memorial weekend. I was completely fine with this, even though we’d have to drive a few hours to get there. My husband’s friends are pretty awesome, so I thought, “Hey why not”?

Well when we got there, they were hanging out, you know, doing whatever it is that guys do when they get together, talking about cars, and video games, and updating each other on life but throwing jabs at one another at the same time. They are all pretty awesome guys (especially my hubby in the orange shirt :), but for me, I was feeling the missing girl power in the room.. Well we left to go to Six Flags, and I told my husband, yeah I’ve gotten on roller coaster rides before, I’ve been on several rides, I will be okay. So we decided to start with the Texas Giant. Apparently it is the oldest and most popular ride there but it has been revamped and it’s made out of wood (i know a bit scary) but it looked pretty cool. I wasn’t really feeling the fact that there was a straight nose dive dip on the first part and I was a bit nervous about that but overall, I thought I got this…

BOY WAS I WRONG! I WAS ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED! Once We Hit that dip, my heart was racing, my head was spinning, I felt as if I was going to come out of the roller coaster, meanwhile my husband and friends are laughing having a good ol time. It was super fast, and very frightening for me. Once the ride was coming to an end, my husband said, are you ok? I simply quietly said I’m fine. I WAS SO GLAD IT WAS OVER! That ride was the worst however many seconds it was of my LIFE! I was literally shaking!!!!! I almost had tears in my eyes it was so scary! After that one, I was fine, and got on all the rides like the big boys but was still shaken by the first one. I realized that straight down dives do not work for me…

All in all, it was a great way to spend the Saturday, although the heat was morbid. There were women out there burnt to a crisp, and I had lathered up in 50 SPF Sun block so I didn’t get too much of a tan. My hubby got a little cute redness to em… The heat was morbid. It was so hot, it felt like you were being burnt by the sun and that it was just simply taking your every breath! However, God is good and I made it through.. Ill go back again, but I WILL NOT get on the Texas Giant, EVER again. That’s for sure 🙂

Weight On Wednesdays Post 3

25 May

I GAINED A POUND!! DANG ON 3500 CALORIES! How did you creep up on me? AGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!All of my hardwork, the working out, and what do I GET? A Pound! UGH!

Okay So I HAD A FREAK out moment. I think I am truly meant to be the size I am, unless I’m suppose to starve myself. The whole goal with this weight loss thing was to get down so that once I had a baby, I wouldn’t gain as much weight. That doesn’t seem to be working out for me!

I’m not going to throw a pitty party. I just have to do better, which kinda sucks since Memorial Day weekend is this week. All I would like to lose for now is like 20 pounds. At 20 pounds I’d be very happy. Very, Very, VERY, happy. However, I will admit, I’m starting to fall in love with my body, I just wish I could tone more….. And I don’t want to be too skinny, afterall, I’m not ready to give up Cheese dip. I love it too much!lol! I think once I get braces and stuff It might be slight easier.. lol….

So there you have it, a pound this week. But It just motivates me to work harder for next week.
I mean the week after that 🙂

Until Next Time, Mrs. SPJ 🙂

Waiting… It’s not all bad

24 May

BUT IT SUCKS AT TIMES! Let’s be honest. We are a generation that wants what we want when we want it. There’s no other better way to put it. That’s why Fast Food Chains are so popular as it is! Because we want things fast… But in some situations, we have to play the waiting game.

For instance…

You see this house to your right?

Well I saw it and fell in love with it!I mean it’s a 3 bedroom, it has a loft area, of course 2 baths, it’s cozy, it’s comfy, and it’s located in the area of Little Rock I want to live in! Yes, well we realize that we want to put an offer in, only to find out that two other people have offers on it. WHAT! NO! IMPOSSIBLE! This is my house! You can’t make an offer on my house! Only, it’s not my house yet. So then we have to play the waiting game. And just wait. I was so anxious like a Kid who is waiting to go to school on the first day of the year. I tried to sleep, I woke up early, and nothing. No luck! I prayed to God, and I remember telling my mom, you know if it’s meant to be it will be. I kept trying not to think about it, but practiced the art of waiting.

Afterall, the scripture does say:
Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord. (Psalm 27:14 KJV)

I kept telling myself there was some good in waiting. You get to think, your mind drives you crazy, but it allows God to work some things out too… And then, tada!


So I’m seeing the value in waiting. Sometimes you just gotta give God times to work things out and to put some things in place. It also teaches us patience, and other things of that nature.
One thing for sure though, I’m really happy we got the house!!!!!

Until Next time, Much Love

Judgement Day?

22 May

Thanking God for another day since apparently yesterday was doom’s day according to Harold Camping. He was predicting that the end of the world was yesterday and that the rapture was coming and people needed to get their life in order by giving their life over to Christ.

Hence, it’s the next day and I PRAISE GOD for allowing me to see it. Not some, old man, who thinks he knows numbers.. I mean really he was so certain yesterday was the end of the world. I wonder if anyone ever truly bought it?

All I have to say is, that everything is in God’s timing, and when he says it’s time, then that’s when it’s time. I’m quite sure he isn’t necessarily going to let anyone know who is going to spend a billion on false advertisements being a false prophet (harry camping). Someone said in the news this morning, he is giving people a bad idea about Christians and I completely agree…

God is love, and he just wants to share that love, not to scare the world out of their mind…. But people do need to get themselves in order! We really don’t know the day nor hour, all we do know is that he’s coming back and how awesome that will be!

Weight On Wednesdays Post 2

18 May


Why can’t you just tell me what I want to hear?

“Today Beautiful, you weigh 130 pounds.”

“Oh Really?”

“Yes, you’ve lost 20 plus pounds this week”!

“Why how awesome!”

BLA! IN MY DREAMS! So that’s how this Weight On Wednesday post starts. I didn’t lose any weight this past week. But on a positive note, I didn’t gain any either. I took my measurements and I had lost some inches! But everyone knows, that in the back of our minds it’s hard to celebrate measurements when the scale won’t budge.

But it’s practically my fault. I mean last week was filled with chinese, fried chicken, and pasta. So I can’t blame anyone but myself. In fact, I even cut back a lil so I’m really happy that the scale didn’t budge the other way…

Ill keep you posted on my weight progress. Right now, I don’t have much to report!!!!

Until Next Time, Mrs. SPJ 🙂

Seeing God

17 May

So one of my favorite blogs to read is SEEK GOD WITH ME.She offers these really coop tips and devotionals.

Laura Domino is pretty amazing at getting us to see God in the most rare or quiet places we overlook. Funny thing is, in church Sunday, there was this tiny baby. She was beautiful, and sound to sleep in church. I watched her little mouth move as she wayned. She was sleeping peacefully as Church Worship was going on all around her. Then she opened her eyes. Beautiful eyes she had! She just stared at me as if she was amazed by me. When i moved, her eyes followed me, it was as if she was in a trance. I felt as if she truly saw me. I looked at her tiny hand movements, her eye movements, the peaceful way she was laying, and I thought, How could there not be a GOD? I see God in this baby. Only our creator could make this precious gift. Then Laura sends Tip number 7 this week on How to see God:

Can you see God when you look at a baby’s bubbly smile?

God presents Himself to us in the things we see and experience. I
can see God’s wisdom in His creation. He gave babies a smile that
generates smiles from everyone around. If a baby cries in public,
complete strangers want to help bring back the smile.

When you look into a baby’s sweet sleepy face, can you see that God
has given us a picture of how we can rest in His arms? True rest,
without a care in the world.

Babies are without language and yet can communicate their needs
well. Crying is one kind of communication, and happy squeaks are
another. When we cry out to God, He understands us without our
using words.

A rattle wristband can entertain a baby for an entire shopping
trip. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make them happy. Other
times, well, it takes everything you’ve got. I can see God’s hand
in that. God gave us all a little creativity and expects us to use
it. He’s given us gifts and talents and wants us to develop them to
their full potential.

Babies are helpless creatures. They need us for their very
survival. Even if they get adequate nutrition and shelter, they
still need hugs. They need human contact. They need to belong. I
can see that God created us for Him and for each other.

I see God when I look at babies. I see His care for me. I see His
protection during my rest. I see His nod of understanding when I
know I’m not making sense. I see God-given opportunities to think
and grow. I see His comfort.

When I look at babies, I see God’s remorseless affection for me. He
holds me because He needs affection too.

The next time you see a baby, look for God’s unrelenting love.

In love and unity,

Laura is pretty awesome. You should check out her blog. But more importantly, look for God in the small things, Like a baby 🙂


Eye of the Storm

16 May

Ever been in a Hurricane before?

Let me just tell you. It’s crazy. Winds will blow crazy, It will be raining so hard you can’t see anything. Sometimes it even causes flooding and severe damage. The winds rage and it’s a pretty scary experience. It’s like the World is falling apart around you and all you can do is sit in the middle of your hallway with a radio being operated off of batteries often time because you’ve lost power. You listen to calming tunes, but more importantly you are listening closely to see the status of where the storm is, and when it is going to past.

I remember being a little girl getting prepared for the storm. We would go to the grocery store days before and make sure we had all that we needed in case we lost power for a long period of time. Funny thing is, I hardly ever ate the food. I mean, who can think about eating food at a time like this? I certainly cant! One time the hurricane hit so bad we lost a tree in the backyard (If I remember correctly, I was pretty young). But do you know what I remember most about those big scary hurricanes?

The Eye of the storm.

By definition, The eye of the storm is “the center of a tropical cyclone, marked by relatively light winds, confused seas, rising temperature, lowered relative humidity, and often by clear skies.”

I call it the beautiful part. I remember as a little girl my mother made me stay away from any windows or doors during the storm, but when the eye was overhead, she would open the door, and we would go outside to this calmness. It was so beautiful. The skies would usually clear of clouds, the winds would ease, and you’d see light. Sometimes I would go outside and just close my eyes and just take in the peace. Then, my mom would feel the wind pickup, and she’d say it’s time to go back in. Then we’d walk as the winds picked up, the skies would darken, and we’d shut the door. The storm would continue only to end a few hours later.

I can’t describe the Peace in the eye of the storm. It’s so beautiful. It’s a minute of calmness during the madness. It’s almost like God’s way of saying, “hey there, I’m still here. ” That makes me smile this morning. You see, Life doesn’t work out the way we want it to. We are often caught in storms, some big, some small, and it seems as much as we want Peace we just can’t find it. It’s just not there, or maybe it is, we just have to see it.

I went to church Sunday and the preacher told a story of a king who offered a prize to the artist who could capture the best picture of peace. Many tried, but it was left between two paintings. One was a picture of a calm lake, showing peaceful mountains with fluffy white clouds. Everyone who saw it thought it was perfect.

The second picture had mountains too. The mountains were rugged and bare and the sky was gray with rain, lightening and a roaring waterfall.This did not appear to be a peaceful place at all. But, when the king looked closely, he saw that behind the waterfall was a tiny bush growing in the rock. Inside the bush, a mother bird had built her nest. There, in the midst of the rush of angry water, sat the mother bird on her nest, singing. Ultimately the king chose the second picture. “Because,” he explained, “peace is not only in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work. Peace is in the midst of things as they are, when there is calm in your heart. That is the real meaning of peace.”

So you see. You don’t just have Peace when things are going perfect. You have to find the Peace in your situation. You may be having a hard time at work, dealing with a rocky relationship, having to let some things (or people) go. And I know, It hurts, and it sucks, but it’s up to US to find the Peace in that situation. To be able to smile through it, and find peace within us, despite what may be going on around us.

You have to look up for that tiny opening in the sky, during the storm, and listen closely. After all, you may hear God saying, “hey there, I’m still here. “

Until Next Time, Much Love,

Mrs. S.P.J 🙂

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