The Photographer is BACK!

25 Apr

And I’m SOOOOOOOOOO Excited about it! Let me tell you a brief story.

I’ve always been in love with photography. I thought it was just a simple obsession of wanting to take pictures, but then I found myself wanting to create something and develop masterpieces. My father has always loved cameras and has always taken great pictures so of course it became a love of mine as well! Well I took it in school, and my teacher told me that I had a great eye and should consider continuing it. I loved it, so when I got out of school, it was only right that I had a desire to continue it. (I went to school for Communications, not photography) Well, I purchased my own camera and took some Great shots.Then, of course with what you get on ebay, it broke :(…. I loved it so much, and It didn’t bother me as much because I still had an awesome camera at work (a higher end Nikon). Then the job was over, and no camera. So I kind of lost my passion…..


This weekend, I purchased my new baby, an Olympus Pen-2. I was a little nervous because it isn’t the technical SLR that I’m use to, but I realize it’s all about the eye. I take AMAZING pictures with Point and Shoot Cameras… It’s the new wave of Interchangeable Lens cameras, but MAN IS that Little thing powerful!

I plan on guarding it with my life, and taking some great shots! It has the ability to do some amazing things including these filters that allow you to play with the picture a little more.

I’m so excited that I have my love back! I plan on doing some portraits and taking more risks! I’m excited to do so!!! I can’t wait to see how they turn out!!! I’m so AMPED! Something happens to me when I get behind the camera Lens I can’t even begin to explain it!!!

Mrs.SPJ 🙂

One Response to “The Photographer is BACK!”

  1. Pier Nguyen April 27, 2011 at 3:56 pm #

    You better work it!! lol nice camera! matches your personality! Have you named it?


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