Jesus the "Sun"

13 Apr

So the last few days I’ve been driving to work and the sun has been literally blinding me.. I know you are thinking, well GEEZ! WEAR SUNGLASSES! Funny thing is, due to this nasty yellow stuff that seems to just want to blow RIGHT in my eyes, I can’t! So therefore I’m forced to fight with the sun while driving and it’s pretty bad… Also, I don’t think the lil clip on glasses are so cool… I mean I’m not over 50! (No offense to anyone who is!)

So I’m driving home, and BEHOLD, the sun is blinding me so bad I can’t even see in front of me!!!! I just want to force it to MOVE! I get home, and after some relaxing, I get to my daily bible reading….. Which if you have read previously, reading the Bible has opened my eyes to see Jesus like never before in my own way. Well, it hit me.

Jesus, The Sun.

I mean Son. But then Jesus and the Lord’s presence is a lot like the Sun. Bright, beautiful just bursting, waiting for us to take in the Rays, but instead of appreciating it, what do we do? We run from it! We hide from it! We block it! Afterall, we don’t want to be bothered with it, because it’s JUST TOO BRIGHT!!!!!

Isn’t Jesus a lot like that? He is always willing and ready and his goodness is SO BRIGHT, and SO BEAUTIFUL, and he is just WAITING for us to take him in, but what do we do? We run from him, Hide from him (Even though we know we can be seen) and just simply don’t want to be bothered with him. Maybe it’s because we just don’t understand, or maybe because it is too much for us to consume at one time, but then again, that’s how God is.

He’s waiting for us to experience him, and to stop blocking his blessings, and to fully apprecaite his presence….

When I looked at the Sun ase Jesus, I began to appreciate it, just as I do all the little many blessings in my life……

So will you block him? Or will you appreciate his goodness and greet it with open arms?

Just sayin………….

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