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The Devil cannot have his way in this place

30 Apr

Early morning blog here. I tell you my dreams scare me sometimes, but they show me a lot of things.I had 3 dreams that intertwined last night into one. And they had a powerful message.

1. In the first dream, I got a phone call that I had this disease called “Tamus” and that I needed to come in to have this procedure. Well apparently it was a woman’s disease and while sitting in the chair this woman who was a doctor starts talking to me over and over again and Im feelin upset because I have this disease. I’m so worried, then I take a step back and realize that I don’t have anything that Ive been convinced to think something is wrong, so I start making my way out, then all of a sudden, the woman, starts chasing me out, and she represented serious evil. I didn’t get that at first but then it was over.

So the second dream begins.

2. In this dream, a woman who looked a lot like Kate plus 8( I dunno why but she did), she is coming to the door, she appears to be in a nurse uniform and it was at my old house, well something told me to shut the door, but it was too late, she saw me, so I let her in. She was talking and walking around my house, like she had been there before and just making herself at home, and all of a sudden this feeling came over me, and I started saying, The Devil Cannot have his way in this place. She just kept looking at me, and I repeated it over and over again. She looked at me in an evil way then she vanished. I breathed a breath of fresh air.

3. I was walking around the house, and my sister Tiara was there dresssed so nice. The doorbell rang, and she went to answer it. It was a latino man and his small child (maybe about 2 years of age) I saw the same woman from before lurking in the background in a black dress, and I said Tiara, No don’t open the door, but it was too late. She let them in. Then they began walking and talking, and appeared to be really nice, but I still had a funny feeling. Well while we were walking, it was as if Tiara had a feeling, and she just lifted her hands and said, “The Devil cannot have his way in this place”. The man and his child looked confused and then they vanished and tears just streamed down Tiara’s face. The Devil seemed to be after me, and had been around the first time, but in the next two times was at my front door…. But I didn’t allow him to have his place.

So while the dreams bothered me a bit, what did they say?

1- In dreams we are sometimes put in situations that are unreal, (Tamus isn’t a real disease), yet we get so freaked out and so concerned instead of just getting out of the mess and letting God have it. In fact, sometimes we just let what it is consume us, when we should just come to our senses. Also, sometimes we walk right into a devil’s trap because they are so camouflaged we don’t even realize it. We need to be on watch all the times, and be prepared.

2. I was at home, comfortably, and I let the devil walk right into my house. Everything seemed normal, the woman looked normal, but it wasn’t. I was entertaining the devil without even realizing it. All of a sudden, I got this feeling, and the words came out of my mouth. “The Devil cannot have his way in this place”. God gives us so much power in battiling the devil. If we do not allow him to have control, and take over he won’t. We need to let the man above have the control and guide us.

3. Same situation, different people. This time the devil was a bit more convincing and this time, although I know my sister would never do this, she invited the devil into my house. Therefore, you have to be careful in who we are around and what control we allow them to have on our lives. Sometimes we allow other people to bring the devil into our lives, and into our place without realizing it. Also, in this dream, you can see how the devil gets more sneakier. He knows what makes us tick and he uses those ploys to get at us. He also uses new people to try and reach us, but he’s always around their lurking (hence the woman around lurking)
We have to be strong, put our trust in God, and be prepared that he could be knocking at our door in any instance….

Sorry for the longer blog, but the dream stayed with me this morning, and I just knew that meant I had to share it….

Carry Your Cross

28 Apr

So I work with this totally awesome woman named Paula. She always dresses incredibly (SUPER AMAZING), and she’s got such a sweet spirit. Well today we were talking about Jesus and the sacrifice he made. We were talking about how heavy we feel around Easter time to think that God sent his son to do something so amazing for us! We should be BEYOND thankful.But anywho… we were talking about the Cross….
And what it means to carry your cross.

Well Friends, Mark 8:34- 36 states,
34 When He had called the people to Himself, with His disciples also, He said to them, “Whoever desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me. 35 For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake and the gospel’s will save it. 36 For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? angels.”

Jesus was calling us to forget about ourselves, let go of ourselves, deny ourselves, pick up that cross and follow him. Jesus was sentenced to death on the cross because of who he was, the decisions he made, and the life he lived. My fabulous Co-worker, Paula, that I told you about said she truly believes that carrying the cross is about taking everything with you, your decisions, your struggles, your everything, and carrying it, “hence the cross”. How powerful is that when we think of it like that. Jesus carried his cross, and died on the cross. This means, if we truly follow Christ as we should, deny ourselves, we have to come to grips with the decisions we’ve made, the path in life that we’ve gone down, and carry those things with us to our death. We need not forget our past, what we’ve been through, nor deny it. We simply need to carry it and follow him.

Jesus is so wonderful. That’s why Im’ always talking about him. To think of what he did for us… Man… Let’s carry our crosses despite what they may represent or mean for each of us.

Mrs. Spj

The Photographer is BACK!

25 Apr

And I’m SOOOOOOOOOO Excited about it! Let me tell you a brief story.

I’ve always been in love with photography. I thought it was just a simple obsession of wanting to take pictures, but then I found myself wanting to create something and develop masterpieces. My father has always loved cameras and has always taken great pictures so of course it became a love of mine as well! Well I took it in school, and my teacher told me that I had a great eye and should consider continuing it. I loved it, so when I got out of school, it was only right that I had a desire to continue it. (I went to school for Communications, not photography) Well, I purchased my own camera and took some Great shots.Then, of course with what you get on ebay, it broke :(…. I loved it so much, and It didn’t bother me as much because I still had an awesome camera at work (a higher end Nikon). Then the job was over, and no camera. So I kind of lost my passion…..


This weekend, I purchased my new baby, an Olympus Pen-2. I was a little nervous because it isn’t the technical SLR that I’m use to, but I realize it’s all about the eye. I take AMAZING pictures with Point and Shoot Cameras… It’s the new wave of Interchangeable Lens cameras, but MAN IS that Little thing powerful!

I plan on guarding it with my life, and taking some great shots! It has the ability to do some amazing things including these filters that allow you to play with the picture a little more.

I’m so excited that I have my love back! I plan on doing some portraits and taking more risks! I’m excited to do so!!! I can’t wait to see how they turn out!!! I’m so AMPED! Something happens to me when I get behind the camera Lens I can’t even begin to explain it!!!

Mrs.SPJ 🙂

Those dangit things called Storms.

21 Apr

I HATE THEM! How they just show up out of nowhere and scare the beetlejuice out of me! The loud rumbilings, the bright flashings of light in the sky like Jesus is taking a picture of me.. Yep! It all freaks me out! And it seems they always come out of nowhere! Things will be great, weather is beautiful, and then BOOM! You have it! A Freakin Storm!

And let’s not even begin with the frightening sound of the sirens.

It makes me feel like I’m in the Odyssey ancient years ago, and all of a sudden everything just stops in my mind. All I know is that a signal is going off to let me know that the storms are worse, and now there is a little friendly yet deadly tornado out there ready to just wrap me in its arms, but you see this isn’t an exchange of friends, this could be DEADLY!

Ok.. so maybe I freak out a little bit too much.. But they scare me.. But then I know that Storms dont last for long, and that eventually they are over and we wonder why we tripped out about them so much in the beginning. After all, storms are a part of life.

So should we take them in stride? Should we not be a lil freaked out about them? I’m not saying we have to deal with them perfectly. what I AM SAYING is that we have to see storms for what they are. An interruption in life that might shake up our current plan or journey, but it’s only to shake us up, not to get us off track. And why should we be scared? Especially when we know there is a greater power and someone AMAZING working on our behalf up there.

So will I get freaked out by storms? Yes I probably will because they catch me off guard, a lil.. (LOL) But I will remember that it’s just momentarily a way of shaking things up, and Ill look forward to the calm after the storm.

We must stay forward marching, and go through the storms. For when the storms are over, we have something to say about them, something amazing that we have accomplished, and we are better in the end.

The storm may rage but I am unshaken, though the winds blow, they leave me unmoved; for the rock of my foundation stands firm.– Peter Abelard 1079-1142

Isaiah 25:4 – For thou has been a strength to the poor, a strength to the needy in his distress, a refuge from the storm, a shadow from the heat, when the blast of the terrible ones is as a storm against the wall.

Having a Moment.. Back to the Place…

18 Apr

Whew! I’m better. The post I made Saturday was out of Anger and Frustration. Sometimes we have those moments though. Moments where are insides are SCREAMING and we just want to throw something!! (Hence, Steel Magnolias). Well I couldn’t throw anything so all I could do was throw my pen out on paper. So that’s what I did. And it felt GREAT!

I realize that I need to claim this newness in my life, and figure out a way to embrace it, which I have yet to do. I don’t know how to at times! I don’t know how to grasp on to this newness and let go of what seems everything that made me who I am. A place that is so deeply rooted in my soul. My pastor and brother, Rev. William Johnson told me earlier, that the people we are, are connected to the places, people, life that feeds us. Which makes sense. If a place has helped define you for so long, what do you do, when that is taken away from you?

Apparently, you have to adjust. And that is something Im’ not that great at doing. “ADJUSTING”. While Change is good, I must be honest with myself, and say I don’t like CHANGE. I can accept it but in bits and pieces, and at times this feels like it is all too much at once. I don’t know how to deal ya know. But I gotta start somewhere, so because of that well I need to commit to actively doing something. So Ill start with a few things here:

1. Find some type of aerobic class.
2. Fall in love with photography again.
3. Maybe take a class of some sort? Or teach one.
4. Blog more.
5. Discover Jesus More (but this is always ongoing)
6. Maybe sing more? IDK..

Just tryin to get back to the place, where there was ALWAYS a smile on my face..

Until Next time,

Mrs. SPJ 🙂

Im angry but I hear.

17 Apr

Most people don’t know what its like. Or maybe u do? Being uprooted from everything you have love and nurtured. I love my husband very much, but my heart has been deeply rooted in NC for so long that at times, I feel like I left part of me there. Im not the same happy person I was. Other people have started to notice it. At least those who knew me in nc and yes even my hubby. Im working on it. Im asking God to help me with this one. Help me stay out of a rut and not be so focused on my past that I cant appreciate the future. God help me open my eyes, and friends pray for me as well….. It will get better, I know it will… Just havin a moment…..

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Jesus the "Sun"

13 Apr

So the last few days I’ve been driving to work and the sun has been literally blinding me.. I know you are thinking, well GEEZ! WEAR SUNGLASSES! Funny thing is, due to this nasty yellow stuff that seems to just want to blow RIGHT in my eyes, I can’t! So therefore I’m forced to fight with the sun while driving and it’s pretty bad… Also, I don’t think the lil clip on glasses are so cool… I mean I’m not over 50! (No offense to anyone who is!)

So I’m driving home, and BEHOLD, the sun is blinding me so bad I can’t even see in front of me!!!! I just want to force it to MOVE! I get home, and after some relaxing, I get to my daily bible reading….. Which if you have read previously, reading the Bible has opened my eyes to see Jesus like never before in my own way. Well, it hit me.

Jesus, The Sun.

I mean Son. But then Jesus and the Lord’s presence is a lot like the Sun. Bright, beautiful just bursting, waiting for us to take in the Rays, but instead of appreciating it, what do we do? We run from it! We hide from it! We block it! Afterall, we don’t want to be bothered with it, because it’s JUST TOO BRIGHT!!!!!

Isn’t Jesus a lot like that? He is always willing and ready and his goodness is SO BRIGHT, and SO BEAUTIFUL, and he is just WAITING for us to take him in, but what do we do? We run from him, Hide from him (Even though we know we can be seen) and just simply don’t want to be bothered with him. Maybe it’s because we just don’t understand, or maybe because it is too much for us to consume at one time, but then again, that’s how God is.

He’s waiting for us to experience him, and to stop blocking his blessings, and to fully apprecaite his presence….

When I looked at the Sun ase Jesus, I began to appreciate it, just as I do all the little many blessings in my life……

So will you block him? Or will you appreciate his goodness and greet it with open arms?

Just sayin………….

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