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I made it to the Mountaintop!

25 Mar

LITERALLY! and I about died doing so…..

My husband said he was going to Pinnacle Mountain, and I thought I’m going to shock him, Im going to go with him….. This is where the inside of me should have SLapped me! Seriously! What was I thinking?!?!?!

My hubby said we will go up the easy side, but I guess this is where Easy side is dependable upon the lengths of your legs. I watched people climb it pretty fast, but then there was me. Who kept a steady pace, but I was dying climbing that mountain. You see, most people can just walk up, but because my legs are so short, it got to a point where I had to pull myself up and that was very frustrating for me. It was a good workout, but let me tell you, I WAS TERRIFIED ON THE INSIDE! I kept stepping on rocks that were not as secure as I would have liked them to be, and it was mind boggiling! But boy oh boy… when you get to the top????

It was absolutely beautiful… I felt like I succeeded, accomplished something.And though the pollen and dust KILLED me going up,I was glad I fought through it and never gave up.I just sat there and looked out across Little Rock and thanked God for creating something so beautiful, and allowing me to see it. When you get up there and see all the beauty around you, you can’t help but know that God exists………

Hubby looked around for awhile and climbed around the mountain while I sat there and enjoyed the

Anywho, it was beautiful…… Tough, but beautiful.. You can probably see the Red in my face…. There were several people climbing and one in particular was making me mad because she was climbing up like it was NOTHING! Just walking up the mountain! Anywho, you have to start somewhere my good people!
Check out a really cool picture I edited that I took on the mountain! Isn’t it super cool!!!

Anywho, Until Next Time,

Mrs. SPJ 🙂

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