Starting the Lent Season: One A Day

10 Mar

That’s right! I started the Lent Season officially today! There was some confusion with when I was suppose to start. My husband is catholic, so he technically started yesterday. I’m methodist so I started today and if you disagree with my decision, then oh well. It’s how I’ve always done it growing up.

I love the Lent Season. It’s a time for repentance. A time for thinking, for sacrificing. Such a beautiful time.. I like to think of Lent also as a time to get closer to God. Since part of the Lent season requires giving something up, this year it’s about One a Day.

So let me give you a little bit of background. I’ve done the no bread, no teas, no sodas, no starches, etc…. No computer, but this year I want to focus on one a day. I wanted to do something different, and kidna give up things I love in all areas of my life. So this is the plan:

Any Sodas/teas Once a day.
Any Sweets/Only Once a day.
Any Starches/Only Once a day.

This should be rather trying for me since now I work, my coworkers ALWAYS have sweets. I LOVEEEEEEEEE TEA. I LOVEEEE DIET SODAS (Although I don’t drink them that often)… and I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE STARCHES. One thing you must also know about me, is that I love these things MULTIPLE times a day although I do tend to be a health nut, I just cut back.. But having them once a day is going to be tricky. You see, at work I take Lean Cuisines, so there goes my one starch a day right there.

Oh and another important part of this process:

Being on the computer only from 7 to 7.
To you, that may not seem hard. But to me, it is. When I get bored, I get on the computer. On the weekends, I’m on the computer. I HAVE to be on the computer at work, hence the 7 to 7 thing. But this is very trying for me. One year I did until 8, but I moved it up this year. So no reading emails, no facebook, no NOTHING!! I will spend this time, reading the bible, and focusing on the things that really matter. GOD!

I will be keeping a journal of my Lent Season this year as the newly married Mrs. Jermaine Jones. You will see my experiences!!

P.S. Day 1- there were brownies in the kitchen this morning, and cookies with nuts in them this afternoon. Hence, I tasted a brownie, but GOSH THOSE COOKIES LOOKED SO GOOD! Not for me though!

Well until next time,


Mrs. SPJ 🙂

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