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Ashten to the Rescue….

9 Mar

So…. I know… It’s been a really long time.. I guess I haven’t felt inspired… Or maybe.. I forgot.. Or just maybe…. I was like who in the world is going to read this? Then I realized, things like blogs, or diaries, are for me.. Not others, and if others read, well hey, the more the merrier.. So I was talking to my absolutely wonderful Co-worker today, Ashten, and she has such a cute blog, “It’s Always Something”…. and it was so cute, and she does so well with posting, and keeping up with it, I said, you know what? I’m going to do better! So Ashten encouraged me to continue with my blog, to post, and well basically, to do better! She even gave me some fun tips for snazzing it up a bit and I’m truly excited about it!! So…. I shall be posting more.. Thanks Ashten for coming to the rescue… And her blog is pretty cute too look:

now follow!

Have a good day!

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