Do It Yourself! Necklace and Makeup Holder

10 Nov

The Martha Stewart in me is coming out.. I have been looking for a way to store my brushes that way they are easy accessible as well as do something with all of my necklaces that are tangled together. So I did some googiling (I Love Google) and then did some Youtube Searching and found some great ideas!!!!!!!

Sephora Inspired Brush Holder

My first Project came from Enkore Makeup!
I hate always having to pull out my bag to search for the brushes I need. Now, they are right at my fingertips! All I needed was filler and a container and voila! LOVE IT!!! Just make sure not to put it on an edge, so the filler doesn’t go all over the floor! That would nerve racking!!

Here is EnkoreMakeup’s exact video on how to do it but it’s really simple:

Now that I have my brushes under control, my necklaces were still sitting on the counter all tangled and mangled. It was a mess! It was from keeping them in a jewelry bag! So I watched another wonderful Video on youtube and there are several videos with different necklace holders but this one stuck out to me!

Necklace Holder

I love it! I absolutely love it! All of my necklaces are organized and I think it looks great over my jewelry box! It was so easy to do!
Here is the video I found from GlitzNBeautyMua:

There are several other options I found from using a corkboard, to using ribbon, which was also really pretty but I wanted a different look. Here are some other ideas I found that I thought were very creative!

I think this one is very cute! Different! Using thumbtacks!
This is hanging off a picture. Really nice
How could you not love this trendy little thing?
I’ve seen this done with ribbon and a curtain rod! Very cute!

So bring out your inner martha stewart and get to makin some wonderful things!!!

Be blessed, SPJ 🙂

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