Dry Skin? No Problem!

22 Oct

Hey fellow readers (if you are out there!)

So part of me going on this journey is me bieng my best ever! This means every part of who I am.. Well one thing I must confess, is that I have dry skin!!! Ive tried so many products and I think I finally found two products that work really well… Usually I just straight out purchase Shea Butter, but wanted to try some new things!

My two favorite new things: Kiel’s Creme De Corps and Vaseline’s Petroleum Jelly with Cocoa Butter! Which do I like better? 

Well I love the Kiels but it is rather expensive. $35.00 for an 8 oz. It smells so great that you will want to eat it! My husband purchased it for me from Dillards… I love it! It takes awhile to rub in but once it is it truly gives you that moisture you need! You can purchase and/or review it here: 
I also love that new Vaseline with Coco Butter in it! It was a brilliant idea and it smells wonderful! I’m thinking what took them so long to come out with this stuff? I believe it is a cheaper option to get that moisture you need,but it’s still Petroleum and tends to leave that shiny look..lol….. However I do love the way it smells but I’ve been so hooked on the Creme De Corps I dunno if I’ve given the Vaseline with Cocoa Butter a fair chance… However, I might be because it is much cheaper than the Kiels running no more than about 3 to 4 dollars a jar….. I say if you want to splurge go for the Kiehls because it does work, however the 2nd option will give you what you want at a more affordable cost!!

Be blessed friends and venture out!


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