WOW: So Far It’s Working!

23 Jul 10559869_10204282371802146_4602380414951004332_n

It just dawned on me that I had yet to update you of the progress I made so far in a month:

7 lbs down
9.65 inches lost
Feelin Great
Feelin Good

I meant to update you a few weeks back, but my exhaustion got in the way!!

Many of you have been asking, my thoughts on the fitbit.
So far I’m enjoying my flex.
On days where I don’t workout, I push myself to at least get my steps in!
I think this helps me to be more active, and not just to get comfortable sitting on the couch.

As far as my workouts, My new schedule is:

Monday- Zumba/Elliptical
Tuesday- Tabata
Wednesday- Zumba
Thursday-Step Pump
Friday- Cardio Sculpt

On Saturdays and Sundays, I try to get out and about with my son to get my steps in and to have some fun!
I’m still actively using My Fitness Pal and find that it helps me to be more aware of what I’m eating!
If you want a new MFP Friend, Look me up! I’m MRSSPJ

I feel as if I am truly committed now! Last week, the people I usually workout with were not there, however I showed up!
I think the goal is to show up and do what you can even when you don’t feel like it! Sometimes it is hard!
Check out this photo from my INSANE Tabata class on Tuesday!










Typically my friend Peter and I do Zumba, however we invited a friend this time!
The class was a little bit harder than usual, but as the instructor (Hey April!)said,
“You have to work hard, and it’s okay to be a little bit uncomfortable, that’s what gets results!

So I’m going to keep it moving with my Fitbit, My Fitness Pal and schedule! Ill keep you posted with results!
I feel as if I’m up this week (female problems), but Ill continue to update you on my progress and encourage you
to get in the best shape of your life! We can do it together!!!










Stay focused! Stay encouraged! Let’s do it together!

P.S. – I’m working out in new shoes- Brooks Glycerin 12 for Women.
Pray for me because I’ve only worn them 3 times and I don’t know how I feel about them yet!!!
Missing the feeling of my New Balances!

Until Next Time, Much Love, MrsSPJ :)


MM: Sometimes being Mommy Sucks

14 Jul

Now before you leave nasty comments or deem me a “horrible mother”, Let me explain something to you.

I love my son. I love all the joy he brings me, all the wonderfulness he has brought to my life. I love being his mother.

but sometimes it sucks being mom.

I wanted to write this post to share the frustrations that mommyhood sometimes brings.

Yesterday was “one of those” days.

It seemed that about nothing could go right, my son was whining more than usual for of course, mommy, and he was constantly going back and forth between rather he wanted to be up on the couch, or down, what toy to play with, etc. Absolutely nothing was working and he just fussed. Daddy was taking care of some stuff so couldn’t come to the rescue, and let’s just be honest sometimes Daddies suck too ( I know my fellow mommies can feel me here)

So I just wanted to let my other fellow moms know, that I get it. Sometimes you try to be supermom and no matter what you try and do, it just doesn’t work. It’s okay. Things don’t always go as planned, and you definitely can’t predict your child’s temperment or behavior for the day. But what you can do is just say, “This is a mommy sucky moment, and I just need to take a step back and breath ( i know very sucky sounds childish, but trust me it works)

Kids are fun. You never know what you are going to get from day to day, but just take it all in stride. I know that you wouldn’t trade being mommy for the world, but it’s okay to have a moment of frustration. I think it’s important to take the time to go through those moments, so that you won’t get stressed out!!

Now go kiss on those beautiful babies of yours.

Until Next Time, Much Love,

MrsSpj :)


P.S.  I write this as my son is pulling the bottom of my clothes going back and forth under the table. Gotta love Mommyhood!

MM: The “Sleep” Thing

7 Jul

Last night little man slept in his crib. YAY!!! (I think)

Monday Morning

Monday Morning

I don’t know about you, but the whole “sleep” thing when you are a parent is a big deal. People say, “Don’t let them sleep with you, it’s not good” then there are others saying, “put them in the bed, it’s easier!” I find as a mother, the best thing for your child, is what works for you. If it works for you to have them sleep with you, then so be it! If it works for you to have them strictly in their crib, well there you go! You’ve got to find a good balance.

For my husband and I, when Christian was a tiny little baby, we had a co sleeper we loved to put him in. However, we found the co sleeper did not work well in our bed, so we began swaddling him and giving him his own little space in our bed. It was when we put him in our bed we finally got that sleep we were looking for! At 2 months, he would sleep almost completely through the night with waking up only once for a bottle! A few months later, we transitioned him to the pak and play which was favorite! We actually got to the point we would give him a bottle at night, lay him down, and he’d go right to sleep. No rocking, No cuddling, No babying, just SLEEP!

So yesterday transitioning into his crib was something else!. We went through about 5 minutes of him crying off and on. I patted his back, told him he was okay, it was time to go to bed, and I sat by his crib so he could see that I was still there. Meanwhile his nighttime lullabies were playing. Once he was quiet, I left the room and found a bit of relief. That was shortly interrupted by an outburst of crying. I watched on through our video monitor, and asked my husband to comfort him. I think in my mind, I knew that me comforting him would probably result in me taking him out of the crib into the pak and play that he was so use to. I watched my husband try and lay with him then he sat with him, rocked him, and put him in his crib. That was it. No more crying, No more outbursts, he was sleep. He remained that way until this morning when I woke him up to start the day.

Overall, him sleeping in his crib, was not as rough as I thought it would be. I guess breaking him of sleeping with us when he was really young helped us. I just missed waking up in the middle of the night, and looking over at him in his pak and play. It seemed like him sleeping in his room made him officially not my tiny little baby anymore! He’s a toddler now full of spunk and into everything!!!

So mommas, This momma monday post is to encourage you to do what works for you and the baby! Also, to encourage those who have been hesitating on switching their baby to the crib, it really isn’t that bad. Take your time, do what you need to do, but start the switch!!! You can do it!

Until Next Time, Much Love,

Mrs. SPJ :)

Mommy Mondays (MM): Hello to the NEW Tired.

30 Jun

I know. It’s been 2 weeks.
I haven’t posted anything.
I’m exhausted.
More so, than I have ever been!

I’ve been fighting Bronchitis for about a week now,
and let me tell you, being mommy and sick don’t mix.
So how do you pull through?

You put on a big ol’ smile and rub the sleep crust out of your eyes,
ready to give big hugs, kisses,and tend to your child. That’s what you do.

You also, take the time to get better if you have loved ones around that will allow you to do so.
Last night, I laughed because I was walking in a bit of a trance, and I remember telling my husband,
I’m exhausted, if the baby wakes and you need me, I will come, but for now, I need sleep!

I’m telling you all of this, to remind you that IF and when you can, take breaks. Rest. Get sleep.
I know sometimes in between being mommy, wife, friend, co worker, etc it seems as if nothing will give, but just take your time,
it will.

I remember being a new mom when Christian needed me for every little thing. Then there were those times, he would just cry and he didn’t
want anyone but mommy. I remember being so tired, so exhausted, thinking that the light at the end of the tunnel would never come, but it did.
It just took time
So for this Mommy Monday, I just want to encourage you to get your rest. Sometimes you need a break, and that’s okay.
As parents sometimes we feel guilty, for wanting a second to ourselves, or a moment of rest, but I think it’s something that we all need.
So rest mommies.. I’m sure going to make sure I get my rest this week! I’ve gotta get rid of this Bronchitis!!!

Until Next Time, Much Love,

Mrs. SPJ

Mommy Mondays: Affection

16 Jun

Hey Friends!

As a mom, I find myself constantly bonding with other Mommies over our incredibly cute and amazing human beings :) I’ve had so many people ask me my opinion on certain things when it comes to being a mom, so I thought why not start Mommy Mondays? If you have anything you would like to see me post about, etc… Let me know! I’m open! (Well kind of..)

So for this first Mommy Monday.. I have to be honest and tell you what I’ve been thinking about. My heart has actually been aching for those children out there who will never see the happiness of having two parents actively involved with one another, loving one another, etc. This post may seem a bit controversial for some, but those are not my intentions. In fact, my intention is to truly shed some light and get your feedback.

I just know Christian knew these past few days that it was Father’s Day weekend. He constantly cried for “DaDa” and wanted to follow him everywhere he went, and lay on him. It’s the cutest thing I tell ya. Last night, I was joking around with my husband, telling Christian it was Father’s Day (Happy Father’s Day to those daddies out there) which means we have to smother him with love, hugs, and kisses.  Well I noticed every time I showed Christian how to give Daddy hugs and kisses, his little face would light up with joy! He was beaming from the inside and out. At first I thought he was just getting a kick out of my movement, but that wasn’t it. Christian showed complete utter happiness, uncontrollable almost, at his mommy and daddy showing affection (even if we were being super duper overly silly). This went on for about 5 to 10 minutes and he just clapped his hands and smiled from ear to ear.

Then it hit me.

How many children grow up without seeing this?

How many children miss this kind of joy or don’t even get the chance to experience it?

It makes me sad. I know there are some incredible single parents out there doing their job, and I don’t want to take away from that, but I do want to stress the importance of children seeing adults in safe, loving, relationships, teaching their children about affection.

I want my son to grow up knowing how to properly show love to others. I want him to know that as a boy growing up to be a man, it is okay to show affection. You don’t have to hold emotion in, and I want him to learn what it means to love and what isn’t love.

My son is learning this at a young age. As a 1 year old, he’s growing each and everyday, and I know that he’s soaking things in this early, even if he can’t recall the memory.

I’m not perfect, nor do I ever claim to be, but I encourage you to be careful what kind of relationships you introduce to your child, as well as what you allow your child to see. If you have a significant other, who treats your child like their own, then I’m not talking to you. I’m talking to the mothers or the fathers out there constantly going on dates with various people, introducing them to your children. I’m talking to those out there in abusive relationships “because you love him”. What are you teaching your child? It’s so important to teach them how to love, show affection, etc. I can’t stress this enough.

That’s all for today. This is so important to me. Our kids are watching us! They want to make us proud, and if you’re lucky, they want to be like you too!



Just something to think about.

Until Next Time, Much Love,

Mrs. SPJ :)



Weight on Wednesday

11 Jun

Of course. I’m sure you are thinking, Aren’t You Always Back at it?

Think what you want to, but I will be the first to say that this constant battle to get fit along with my love/hate relationship with food and the gym makes losing weight or getting in great shape, pretty tricky. I believe you have to find what works for you. So what it’s taking me a little longer to find that “thing”. However, I do have a bit of motivation. I have a wedding to go to in September along with some other exciting events and I want to get in the best shape I can for them. So what have I been up to?

I’m back on this My Fitness Pal kick. I know, I know, it gets annoying, it’s so easy to forget, but now I have the app in my phone so I have no excuse. Not to mention, I love how aware My Fitness Pal makes you of what you are actually putting in your body. It makes you think twice before grabbing another cookie.

I invested in a FitBit Flex.

At first, I wasn’t sure about it. I hated the fact that these random dots came across the screen. I longed for a screen that truly explained everything, but Day 3 of wearing it, It’s kinda grown on me. I understand the dots speak their own language and I’ve begun to understand it quite well. I love how a slight tap puts me in active mode, meaning I’m exercising. I also love how at night I can put my sleep mode on, and it actually gives me a sleep report- how long I was restless, how long I actually slept, etc. I didn’t think I’d really care for this feature, but I do! It also tracks my steps, which is pretty cool! It’s actually made me want to get more active. When my steps are low, I know it’s time for me to get up and do some walking. This is very beneficial for me since I have a desk job primarily. Oh and the coolest thing? It’ syncs with my fitness pal. It even gives me credit for extra calories I’ve burned that I was unaware of. It also counts the calories burned TOTAL, not just in exercise. I love all of the information I get from the app and my fitbit account.

Fitbit Screen

A screenshot of my fitbit dashboard.

I’m trying to get more active. I still love my Zumba but I know that I need to switch it up from time to time. Thanks to my husband (it’s like having a personal trainer in the house), I always have someone to encourage me and keep me going along with some great encouraging friends! I also like getting fit tips from Hopes for Health! She’s in such great shape and will push you to get fit! Check her out!
I’m also trying to make better food choices. I keep saying I’m going to meal prep (I need to make it happen). I’m telling you planning ahead is the trick. Not that I’ve made bad choices, but it would be a lot easier if I just brought my food. However, I’m near a lot of great places to eat I’ve made some good choices. This week for lunch I’ve had, soup, Grilled fish and green beans,  grilled chicken tacos. Don’t worry, you will never see me turn into a “I don’t eat this, I don’t eat that” kinda person because I don’t believe that is anything I would personally stick to. I’m just like so many of you! I love cheese dip, pasta, Mexican food, Chinese food, etc.. But loving it in moderation is what I need to do.

As far as the scale, as I told you guys awhile ago in my NO SCALE post, I’m done with the scale. I still get on it from time to time, but I don’t let it define me. I use measurements. In fact, I have a calendar that I keep all of my measurements on to track progress..

So yes, I’m back at it with all this new stuff. Determined to find what works for me, after all that’s the key to this whole healthy living/weight loss thing.

So that’s my update. How are you doing with your weight loss/healthy lifestyle goals?


Until Next Time, Much Love,

Mrs. SPJ :)



The Friendship Rules, Grown Up Version (Kind of)

10 Jun

Hello Friends!

Another week, so much to be thankful for… Including Friends.

“Friends”. The word is so weird to me actually. I mean it is used so loosely. Depending on the person, it can mean so little or it can mean so much. I remember being in kindegarten telling my mom all about my dear friend, Macie Kennedy.We were classmates, went to the same center afterschool, and she was awesome. Pretty, a killer smile, and back then we were obsessed with Paula Abdul. In fact, Macie was Paula, and I was Janet (that’s Ms. Jackson if your nasty).

Then there was those Kelly boys. You couldn’t tell me anything. Nick was my bestest friend in the world, and so was his brother Andrew. We would always act out as if we were the Save by the Bell cast. I had so many great friends at the time. I mean being in 4th grade, I thought it was cool. There was Summer, too who was pretty awesome, sometimes bossy.

Then I met Valencia my first day of middle school. No joke, I remember running home to my mom saying, “Mom! I met my first black friend!” Not that race mattered, but for me it was nice to have a friend who happened to share my heritage (and school). “V” was edgier, cooler, and I looked up to her. She had the coolest parents in the world, and finally, I had someone to go on long bike rides with in the neighborhood. It was also during my middle school year I became close to Tiffanie and Muffin. I always had a relationship with Tiffanie because we were great friends (our moms went to church together), but in Middle School we really became close.



The Band Room with V, 6th Grade (Please disregard the socks)

The Band Room with V, 6th Grade (Please disregard the socks)



Me, Tiff, and Muffin across the bridge I believe. We liked to hang out there although our parents always told us we couldn’t. We did occasionally. (Sorry mom)

I could go on and on and tell you about my episodes and the word “friend” or “best friend”. It was in college I met Amitria and her twin, Anitria. I love those girls, and I always look back and smile at the connection of  my bestie Mitra and her husband, who when we were in college was one of my best friends too!There’s my Kelz from Grad School, J Cole, and so many more! I can’t even begin to tell you all the great friends I’ve made in this life so far. Some I consider friends, Some I consider “besties”. I’ve always had best friends, great friends, ok friends, etc, but I believe as you grow older, some friendships prove to grow stronger, others, dwindle away, and then some, well they go in “we have an unspoken understanding” mode.
So I know your thinking, Okay I get it, so whats with these so called “Friendship rules”. Well, recently I was having a discussion with one of my girls, and I was telling her how when I moved here, I didn’t realize how blessed I was with the friends I already had,  and that my husband was urging me to find friends when I moved to Arkansas. Surely that would be easy right? Notsomuch.

I’m a loving person, I love to meet people (or so I thought), but making friends as a grown up for me is quite awkward. I lucked out and made a good friend when I accepted my first job here, but I was still quite lonely. I was missing my circle of friends back home (even those I didn’t see all the time). Arkansas felt like a very lonely place. I tried to make plans with people, but it sometimes felt forced, or it felt like I was hanging with my husband’s friends.Grant it, i’m grateful for the fun times, but it felt weird. So in my process to make friends, keep friends, etc.. I’ve decided to come up with the Friendship rules. I think many women can relate, and maybe even reconsider some of their friendships after reading this.

1. Always Be Yourself- Don’t become a skydiver or wine drinking gal over night if it’s not your thing. A real friend should accept you for who you are anyways. This especially goes out to my younger girls that are reading this!

2. Try and put yourself out there, but don’t be stupid- My husband was right. You have to go places, to meet new people. Try and make plans with new friends, but if they cancel all the time, then maybe you should make a different friend! Don’t let go of this one, just don’t try and make plans with a friend that will be canceled anywho.

3. Drop the Drama- There comes a point in time in your life when you realize you are grown. You don’t have time to play games (unless it’s Taboo or Phase 10), or be friends with someone who you constantly have to be drawn into drama with. You know, you go to a club, there’s that girl (she’s your friend)  that’s gettin crunk and loud about to find in the club. I mean, when I see posts about things like this on Facebook, I want to ask the people that post this stuff, “how old are you?” or “do you know how stupid and childish you look?”

4.Find Friends in your Interests- Okay so it sounds weird, but I’m basically saying that if you like something, and someone else likes something, doesn’t it just make sense to like it together? Some of the greatest friends I have made, have been in Zumba. I found myself wanting to go to the gym and actually work out, due to some of my friends. I even have Stef with an “f” to thank for introducing me to some new workouts (that totally kick my butt.)


5. Understand that friends Shift, modes change, Relationships change- Some of my friends, or girls, I’ve never skipped a beat with. We still text everyday, talk, pray for one another, etc. We are constantly in the automatic driving mode. Then you have friends that for some reason, you dont talk to as often, or maybe you find that things are just different and there is no way to even explain it. It just happens. Don’t spend so much time (like I did in high school) trying to figure out what happened, why it happened. Sometimes you will find out that it just does. No need to put the car in reverse, just accept and move on. I’m not saying they have to be removed  as a friend(maybe?), I’m saying accept the shift.

6. Some friends don’t shift, life just happens/changes- I have friends that I may not talk to everyday, because I have come to accept that they are busy, they have accepted that I have a lot going on as well. We love each other and keep in touch with one another probably through social media,text, etc…. However, there is this “unspoken (sometimes spoken) understanding. I love how Mitra and Tiara often texts or leave messages saying, I know I don’t talk to you often but your still one of my best friends and I love you. Love you too girls.

7. Stop with the Friendship/Bestie Time Requirements- At the end of the day, you can find that one of your very best friends you’ve only known for a year(maybe even less). It’s all in the level the friendships take- How you treat them, How they treat you. The quality time you spend together, yada yada.

8.Be Open- You may make a friend, when you least expect it! I made a great friend at a New Year’s Even Party once because we had so much in common.

9. Understand the Give and Take- Friendship is give and take. I’ve tried to make friends with some people who require so much out of me. I’m calling all the time, I’m leaving messages, inviting them places, sending you messages on Facebook, opening that door, only to find them constantly closing the door. Friendship requires TWO people. Working Together. It sounds like a given or basic for you, but you would be shocked how so many people forget this MAJOR Rule of Friendship. I don’t have time to make friends with someone who isn’t willing to do what it takes to make it work.

10. Remember You’re Grown (if you are)- At the end of the day, if you are like me, you have responsibilities, a family, and so much on your plate. It’s nice to have friends, besties, but it should ADD to your life, not take away from it.

That’s it friends. It’s really rather simple, there are just some things to remember. I’m so grateful for my besties/girlies (is there an age limit to this word?), long time friends, church friends, family friends, co worker friends, and my friends out in this virtual world (this means you.)

Until Next Time, Much Love,

Mrs. SPJ

P.S. Go make friends and be merry! Don’t stress! Oh and enjoy some pictures of some of my besties, girlies, friends.. Whichever term you prefer :)

Longtime Besties  (Almost 20 years of friendship here.)

Longtime Besties
(Almost 20 years of friendship here.)

Me and Kelz

Me and Kelz



Some of my AR girls!





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